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remember whales is a Canadian indie band operating out of Halifax and Toronto. While the music itself spans multiple genres—touching on synthwave, indie-pop and alt-rock—the core of each song is rooted in nostalgia… a longing for a time when things were less complicated. Their debut album, when i’m awake, was released in December and tells a story that lives and breathes in the year of 2020. Influenced by artists like CHVRCHES, Clairo & Caribou, when i’m awake presents a sequence of emotional reactions from awakening to disbelief to detachment. 

Quickly following up on their debut album, their new two-song EP is just a taste of where this group is headed next as they work towards a second album. Influenced by artists like The Midnight, both songs look to capture the spirit of synthwave while weaving in dreamy modern pop and stadium rock sensibilities from artists like The Weeknd and The Killers to create a refreshing take on the genre. Lyrically, these are songs made for the open road, dealing with themes of escape and reclaiming freedom, and are perfect listening for an aimless drive with the dial turned up loud. 

Wake up from reality, runaway with remember whales.

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